We are beanmachine

At beanmachine we master the art of dealing with human energy and its effect on the organization. In our interventions we work with the people and the structures. Our machinery and our mechanics have just one aim: making your business flourish!

What is beanmachine’s take on organisations?

Organisations now seeking to create value-adding opportunities in society according to a sustainable approach have three defining features:


They are firmly connected (both in-house and externally)


the people in the organization are aligned around shared objectives and values and


they have the individual and collective resilience to offer a fast yet thoughtful response to changing environmental conditions.


This defining feature refers to the kind of ‘habitat’ that is created. Many organisations carry a legacy and have created an environment based on old models of cooperation – of command & control and fending off the competition. Under current market conditions and in our present-day society, organisations are no longer able to operate as standalone entities. No, they have to pay heed to the ecosystem in which they are located, and this calls for connections to be extended and enhanced at both internal and external level.


The degree to which an organisation is aligned is a key factor for the success of its mission. Is everybody moving in the same direction? Are there any shared values? Is there a shared ownership? Against this background, we regard the organisation from the perspective of the ‘habits’ they display. What are the typical patterns of behaviour? How are decisions taken? What values are driving them forwards? How do the members approach each other about each person’s way of behaving?


Every organisation is constantly having to face the challenge posed by the environment in which it operates. This may be both an internal and external challenge. Many organisations are particularly responsive when it comes to dealing with these stimuli: they try to provide an answer almost in a knee-jerk fashion, which often leads to short-term solutions, firefighting, incidents as they happen,… A ‘responsive’ organisation is one that has developed an awareness somewhere between the  stimulus and action. Rather than reacting quickly and impulsively, it opts for a conscious ‘ response ‘. 
This means being constantly and intensely aware of the outside world. 


Thanks to these defining features they can accomplish their mission to the maximum extent. These kinds of organisations demonstrate a great of deal of consistency between the WHY, the WHAT, the WHO and the HOW. The ‘connected, aligned & responsive’ defining features are deeply embedded in all the organisation’s components (culture, processes, people, systems, infrastructure, …).